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 Blaze Release (Enton - 炎遁)

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Blaze Release (Enton - 炎遁) Empty
PostSubject: Blaze Release (Enton - 炎遁)   Blaze Release (Enton - 炎遁) I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 16, 2015 1:25 am

Name: Blaze Release (Enton - 炎遁)
Type: Advanced Elemental Release
Requirements: Katon x 2
Ability Tier: 3
Minimum Rank: Special Jounin (B)
Description: This version of Blaze Release is not in any way related to the Uchiha skill of controlling Amataratsu's black flames. In this variant of Blaze Release, the user's extensive control over fire and flame allows them to condense fire so that it flows almost like a liquid; giving the fire properties of both. This means that the Blaze Release flames cause both burn and crush/concussive injuries; now able to cut flesh and break bones when used correctly.
Unlock Requirements: Katon trained to A-Rank as both Primary and Secondary elements. Must be taken as a Tertiary element. Must undertake 3000 words of additional training to unlock to D-Rank.
Special Training Requirements: All Blaze Release jutsu require 750 words additional training. Each rank of Blaze Release requires an additional 1000 words to train.
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Blaze Release (Enton - 炎遁)
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