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PostSubject: Hogwarts for Eternity   Hogwarts for Eternity I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 17, 2016 8:49 am

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Following Harry Potter's famous defeat of Lord Voldemort over twenty years ago, the wizarding world has had the chance to recover from the terrible tragedy that rocked it all those years ago and took the lives of so many people. Witches and wizards lived in peace content with just getting on with their lives and letting things play out the way they were supposed to. A group called the Guardians stepped up to protect the high profile witches and wizards to whom they were assigned and keep them safe from any magical threat that might come their way as well as any muggle threat they might face, although naturally when it came to protecting the witches and wizards from muggles they had to do so without the use of magic so as to keep it a secret from the muggle world. The next generation of children started at Hogwarts and peace remained throughout the wizarding world until September 1st, 2022. Unbeknownst to the students who were on the train to Hogwarts ready to get started on a new school year, a small group of witches and wizards calling themselves the Warriors of the Light decided they had other plans - they took matters into their own hands and exposed magic to the muggle world. Now no witches or wizards are safe and the Warriors of the Light are gathering followers but no one knows who they are or what they have planned next.

Which side will you be on?

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Hogwarts for Eternity
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