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Join us! We are a Fantasy RPG, full of different magical creatures. Our rules are not strict, they are relaxed and super easy to follow. We have adults roleplaying as well as some teens over the age of 16. No kids allowed due to the site being PG-16. Therefore we allow cussing (To a limit), Gory, death and blood (to an extent) this is due to the nature of the magical beings. The plots are constantly changing to move the site forward to a fun adventure of some kind. We do not force you to be part of the plot if you wish to RP your own plots you are free to do so.

In a world where only the strong survive, many magical entities have gathered to right the wrongs of the human world. Shifters, Vampires, Dragons, Demons and witches prevail in the world that still has lot to offer. With humans trying to break the mingling of hybrids, the species will fight to keep the balance within each other, Lycan’s going crazy and warrior angels cleaning up the mess is no wonder somethings should have been left alone. Witches and Wizards breaking contracts left and right, shifters trying to keep their packs from imploding from within and a Vampire Draconian trying to maintain all that is good in the world intact. You must come choose the alliance you think you can handle. What will it be? Vampires, Shifters? Witches? Or do you dare stay human and try and defy the rest of the races? Or maybe you wouldn’t mind the powerful hybrids that are running around in playgrounds as these species mingle, mate and fall in love with one another. Where will your LOYALTIES BE when all this is said and done.

You will find everything in this site there is none like this one where administrators enjoy every individual no matter how elemental or advanced their roleplaying is. Do not shy away because some folks roleplay long or have their own plots going on we want you to come and enjoy our chaotic life in Shadows University. This is a world where you create your own future, you promote what your character is to become. Join the Shadows University and start having fun Roleplaying your character the way it is meant to be.


After the successful cleaning of Lycan’s within our mist. We the humans feel more needs to be done to rid of the threat most don’t realize is lurking in the waters. For this matter the President and the committee of the Human Syndicate has approved some new laws that will affect those already living and allowing their human lives to intermingle with such species.

- Every human that is caught intermingling with any other species will be seized and incarcerated.
- Every hybrid family that has mated, married or allowed intermingling in the past and is caught will be sentence to death.
- Any species that is caught outside their area and passing through the human areas will be incarcerated and awaiting death by humans.
- All government, private entities as well as educational facilities led by humans are to seize and deceits in providing service or employments to other species failure to do this will result in automatic incarceration followed by death for treason.
- Any human caught entering or even speaking with anyone of the other species will be sentence to death for treason to the state rules here forth mandated.
- Any child born as a hybrid starting this decree shall be executed at birth.
- As of the date this decree was signed the Human Syndicate is hiring officers that will enforce such laws.
- Any species caught outside in human boundaries will be shot to kill on the spot.
- More Laws will be added as time goes by.
- The reason for such law is to eliminate these species for good from our planet, we humans will prevail and all the rest will turn to dust.
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Shadows University
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